Tarsha Ward

Tarsha Ward Harvard Medical School We developed a cardiac stem cell assay to recapitulate the genetic mutation in the SMAD2 … Read More

Adam Vogel

Adam Vogel Boston University Medical School Patient and animal neuroimaging has shown neurocircuit activity to be a robust translational biomarker … Read More

Balaji Karthick Subramanian

Balaji Karthick Subramanian Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Utilizing 3D lithography to replica mold extra-cellular matrix, and microfluidics to simulate … Read More

Dante Smith

Dante Smith Boston University We are conducting experiments to separate, and hence understand, the roles that auditory and somatosensory feedback … Read More

Jonghyeon Shin

Jonghyeon Shin Massachusetts Institute of Technology As an alternative to the utilization of electronic devices within the body, we have … Read More

Niccole Schaible

Niccole Schaible Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center An all-too-common failure of new drugs tested in clinical trials is cardiac toxicity. … Read More

Assieh Saadatpour

Assieh Saadatpour Dana-Farber Cancer Institute I will develop a network-based model of cancer dynamics using single-cell gene expression data to … Read More

Daniel Reker

Daniel Reker Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ritu Raman

Ritu Raman Massachusetts Institute of Technology Devices that stay in the stomach for long-term drug delivery have been developed, but … Read More

Collette Ncube

Collette Ncube Northeastern University Various individual-level socioeconomic measures have been used to examine determinants of the persistent black-white low birthweight … Read More