Yvon Woappi

Yvon Woappi Brigham and Women’s Hospital • Dermatology Developing multifunctional in vivo gene-editing platforms to study mechanisms of skin cancer … Read More

Kenneth Westerman

Kenneth Westerman Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University • Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition Diet response prediction using epigenetic data … Read More

Andee Wallace

Andee Wallace MIT • Biological Engineering Development of bacterial systems to grow and repair structural materials We propose to develop … Read More

Lee Voth-Gaeddert

Lee Voth-Gaeddert

Lee Voth-Gaeddert Tufts University • School of Medicine and School of Engineering  

Morris Vanegas

Morris Vanegas Northeastern University • Bioengineering Portable optical imaging platform for monitoring stroke recovery We designed a customized optical imaging … Read More

Bahar Rahsepar

Bahar Rahsepar Circuitry of memory retrieval in the mammalian hippocampus Circuitry of memory retrieval in the mammalian hippocampus The hippocampus … Read More

Vamsi Mangena

Vamsi Mangena MIT • Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (IMES) An in vitro, humanized model for studying brain tumors Our … Read More

Vivian Lee

Vivian Lee Northeastern University • Bioengineering Fabrication of a vascular system for tissue engineering We have developed a 3D artificial … Read More

Matt Kelley

Matt Kelley Tufts University • Neuroscience Targeting neuronal chloride transport as a novel therapeutic strategy in temporal lobe epilepsy Temporal … Read More

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones Northeastern University • Mechanical & Industrial Engineering In-home water quality sensors Water quality in the US is determined … Read More