Albert Mondragon

Albert Mondragon Boston University Phagoptosis is a newly characterized form of cell death, found to be responsible for neuronal cell … Read More

Dominika Lyzwa

Dominika Lyzwa Massachusetts Institute of Technology I am developing an optical imaging tool based on non-toxic, nanometer-sized diamonds to simultaneously … Read More

Alba Luengo

Alba Luengo Massachusetts Institute of Technology Many tumors consume large quantities of glucose, producing the toxic byproduct methylglyoxal. I demonstrated … Read More

Mikael Garabedian

Mikael Garabedian Brandeis University Actin filaments are responsible for cell movement, and are important for tumor cells to metastasize to … Read More

Karen Chenausky

Karen Chenausky Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Documenting that some 2/3 of minimally verbal children with autism also have a … Read More

Amanda Bolgioni-Smith

Amanda Bolgioni-Smith Boston University Medical School We demonstrated that inactivating a specific molecular pathway (the “Hippo” pathway) in cancer cells … Read More

Jingzhi An

Jingzhi An Massachusetts Institute of Technology I developed methods that take into account safety and operational considerations for design, development, … Read More

Edilberto Amorim

Edilberto Amorim Massachusetts General Hospital Predicting who will recover from coma after cardiac arrest is a major medical, economic, and … Read More