Q: Do I have to work on a project from my lab? 

A: No, your project does not necessarily need to be from your lab. You may choose to work on any project of personal interest that has the potential for impact. It can be from your lab; it can be what you want to do in the future; it should be something you care enough about to work on.

Q: Does this program provide stipend or research support? 

A: No, the program provides the mentorship and other meetings at no-cost to the participants, but it does not cover stipend or direct research support.

Q: Is the objective of this program to generate IP or launch entrepreneurial ventures? 

A: No, throughout the program you will critically examine and document how your work, if successful, will have impact (societal, economic, etc) in the “real world.”  While in some cases that impact will arise through entrepreneurial ventures, others may find impact in other ways, such as advances in knowledge, policy developments, new clinical paradigms, or new research initiatives.

Q: How much time will this program take? 

A: The regularly-held cohort sessions will take place weekly for approximately 3 hours each, with 4 sessions the first month, and then approximately 10 sessions over the following 4 months. In addition, participants will meet with their Professional Mentor on their own schedule. Several days during the year will be spent in special programming such as a Hacking Medicine event.

Q: What type of career path will this prepare me for? 

A: The IMPACT program will be valuable for whatever path you choose, including academic, medicine, or business, and in fact may help you find the path best suited for your interests.