Zhizhuo Zhang

Zhizhuo Zhang Zhizhuo Zhang is a computational biologist who apply advance statistical and machine learning techniques to understand genetic component … Read More

Mohammed Shabab

Mohammed Shabab Mohammed Shabab is a biochemist with a major interest in the peptide mediated signaling in biotic interactions and … Read More

Maryna Raskin

Maryna Raskin Maryna Raskin is a developmental psychologist with a research program focused on maternal depression and infant-parent mental health. … Read More

Ida Pavlichenko

Ida Pavlichenko Ida Pavlichenko is a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Joanna Aizenberg at the Harvard John A. … Read More

Yuko Nakajima

Yuko Nakajima Yuko Nakajima received her Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley, where she focused on identifying … Read More

Jill Moore

Jill Moore Jill Moore is a PhD candidate at UMass Medical School and is currently working with Zhiping Weng in … Read More

Katerina Mantzavinou

Katerina Mantzavinou Katerina is a fourth-year PhD student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) Program, and a member … Read More

Alexandra Kulinkina

Alexandra Kulinkina Alexandra Kulinkina is a PhD student at Tufts University, working with rural communities in Ghana to develop sustainable … Read More

Mandeep Kaur

Mandeep Kaur Mandeep Kaur is a Cancer Immunologist interested in harnessing the power of the immune system to treat cancer. … Read More

Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones Dennis Jones is an interdisciplinary biomedical scientist commited to translational research. Dennis received his Bachelor’s of Science degree, … Read More