Recruiting for Spring 2021 is closed

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Want to learn more about IMPACT? Visit the About page or download the program flyer PDF


  • Appointment as a Ph.D. student or post-doctoral fellow / trainee at an area institution
  • Commitment to participate in the full program, including in person meetings at MIT, Cambridge, MA
  • Ongoing research project and multiple year research experience
  • US citizen or permanent resident (for NIH slots), and/or MIT affiliation (for MIT slots)

Application process

As part of the application, you will be required to submit:

  • Demographic information
  • Eligibility checklist
  • A short description (250 words max) of your career interests
  • A short description (250 words max) of what your goals are in participating in the program
  • A description (500 words max) of the research that you would focus on as part of the program
  • Statement that, if you are admitted and accept a position in the program, you agree to participate fully, including attending the mentoring sessions at MIT.
  • Statement that if you are admitted and accept a position in the program, your supervisor will be notified of your participation and will need to acknowledge as such.


Applications will be reviewed by IMPACT faculty; the top candidates will be interviewed for selection to the program.

The program is committed to actively engaging women and under-represented minorities.