Lucia Suarez-Lopez

Lucia Suarez-Lopez is a postdoctoral fellow in Michael B. Yaffe lab at Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research (MIT). She has been interested in cancer biology since she obtained her Bachelor degree at Oviedo University in Spain. As an undergrad, she studied breast cancer dependence on Estrogen Receptor at Biochemistry department in Oviedo University. Then she moved to Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, where she obtained a ISCIII undergraduate fellowship to work in Dr. Simo Schwartz’s lab. She graduated in Barcelona University, with a research work focused in colorectal cancer progression and Wnt signaling pathway.

After graduating, Lucia joined Michael B. Yaffe lab at MIT to study the link between chronic inflammation and colorectal cancer in inflammatory bowel diseases. She has recently obtained the CCFA research fellowship to pursue her studies.