Ali Zomorrodi

Ali Zomorrodi is a computational systems biologist with expertise in using genome- wide network models of metabolism to guide metabolic engineering of microbial strains and to study microbial communities implicated in the human health and environment. As a Postdoctoral Associate in the Bioinformatics Program at Boston University, his current research focuses on studying the dynamics and evolution of metabolic interactions among different microbial species in a community. The long- term goal of this research is to gain a mechanistic understanding of microbe- microbe, host-microbiota and host-pathogen interactions, and to design personalized therapeutic interventions for related diseases. Prior to joining Boston University, Ali completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Pennsylvania State Univeristy-Univeristy Park, where he developed optimization-based computational tools, for the analysis and redesign of metabolic networks in single and multi- species microbial systems.