Open to participants nationwide

Career preparation for Post-doctoral and advanced Pre-doctoral trainees

In IMPACT, you will be challenged to refine your research focus and to identify the most promising paths to achieve real-world impact. Expert faculty from a broad range of institutions and companies will help you reflect on your work to gain new insights into your approach, as well as to learn how to share your story with others. IMPACT alumni feel energized and a new sense of direction for their work. 

Why join IMPACT

Group mentoring, 1:1 advising, and community engagement will help you: 

Gain a broader perspective on your research and career

Heighten the potential of your research to achieve real-world impact

Identify actionable opportunities to strengthen your work’s focus

Express your research mission with clarity and power to attract collaborators and support

Expand your professional network for lasting, valuable relationships

The IMPACT experience
  • Challenging and motivating
  • Constructive and collegial
  • Engaging and energizing

Application deadline
February 15

Program start
March 30

Combination in-person / Webex course open to trainees anywhere in the United States

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“I now have a broader perspective on my research project and the tools to thoroughly assess its potential value in the real world. This program has prepared me to approach stakeholders and to explain my work to a wide variety of audiences with confidence and an entirely new level of clarity.”

Scott Greenwald, IMPACT alumnus and Peer Mentor

state that they found IMPACT to be a powerful learning experience
state that they would recommend the program to others

Findings from independent surveys taken of the Fellows through the MIT Teaching + Learning Lab after they finish the program

  • Applications due: February 15, 2019
  • Workshop in Boston: March 30–31
  • Online (live) sessions: April 11, 18; May 16, 23; June 6
  • Final workshop and panel in Boston: June 12–13
  • Appointment as a Ph.D. student or post-doctoral fellow / trainee in the United States
  • Commitment to participate in the full program, including in person at MIT in Cambridge for the opening and closing workshops
  • Ongoing research project and multiple year research experience
  • US citizen or permanent resident